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Maintaining good oral hygiene is essential, but sometimes, despite our best efforts, cavities occur. Left untreated, cavities can lead to infection and decay. Thankfully, dental fillings come to the rescue, helping restore your tooth's integrity and function.


What are fillings, and what are they made of?


Dental fillings are materials used to restore or 'fill in' teeth damaged by cavities. Now, fillings come in various materials with various benefits and disadvantages, but we specialise in tooth-coloured fillings using composite resin.


Composite resin is a flexible and mouldable material that fills the tooth, leaving behind a smooth finish that looks exactly like your natural tooth. No striking gold or silver fillings here — we're all about having a natural aesthetic for a stunning smile. 


What are temporary fillings?


Temporary fillings are used in cases where there is a dental emergency, a permanent filling may not be necessary or can only be applied at a later stage. 


When there is severe toothache caused by very deep cavities, a medicated temporary filling is placed to settle down the nerves in your tooth and allow the tooth to heal. They tend to last for about a month before being removed and replaced with a permanent filling. 


What is the procedure for fillings?


  1. Preparation: Before starting the filling process, we ensure your comfort by applying local anaesthesia to numb the gum and tooth.

  2. Cleaning: Next, we remove the decayed and damaged area of the tooth before thoroughly cleaning it.

  3. Filling: The composite resin fills the tooth and is shaped to match your tooth bite.

  4. Polish: Lastly, we polish the tooth to give it that natural finish.


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