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Direct Composite Veneers

Are you longing for a perfect, radiant smile free from stains, chips or gaps? We're excited to introduce our high-quality direct composite veneers, one of the most effective and popular solutions in cosmetic dentistry!


What are direct composite veneers?


Direct composite veneers are applied to the surface of the teeth and meticulously shaped to hide dental concerns. They serve as both a protective cover and an aesthetic enhancement, giving your teeth a brand-new, attractive facade.


These veneers provide a brilliant yet subtle transformation by seamlessly mimicking the colour, shape and shine of natural teeth. In addition, they are more affordable and can be applied in a single visit.


Are direct composite veneers the right choice for me?


If you're looking to address a wide range of cosmetic dental issues, then veneers are ideal for you! They can help with:


  • Correcting stained or discoloured teeth

  • Fix chipped, cracked or worn-down teeth

  • Hide gaps or minor misalignments


What does the direct composite veneer procedure involve?


The journey to a veneer-enhanced smile typically involves one or two appointments. We begin with an initial consultation where we will examine your teeth and oral health to determine if veneers are right for you.


  1. Preparation: This involves cleaning your teeth and potentially filing down the surface of the tooth or teeth receiving the veneers (although this is not always necessary).

  2. Placement: The tooth-shaded veneers are directly bonded to your teeth and shaped to provide a natural look. There is no lab involvement in the preparation, therebyinstantly transforming your smile in a single visit.


How do I care for my new veneers?


Now that you have your veneers, it's essential to take care of them so they last! We will provide detailed instructions on proper care techniques and what to avoid so you don't damage them. 


Don't wait another day to explore the transformative potential of veneers. Reach out to us and begin your journey!


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