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Our commitment to effective, cost-efficient and safe dental care stands out in the attention we give to each patient when using different therapies to suit our patient’s needs.


We place a strong emphasis on oral health using dental therapy to avoid the progression of oral diseases.


At a routine visit to our practice, you will have a pleasant experience of a thorough examination, a professional scale and polish and a treatment plan with competitive rates.

Covid Protocols

We have added new infection control protocols for theatre type settings for your safety whilst in our care. We have invested in technologies to ensure you have the safest and clinically effective dental treatment environment. We ask that you welcome these new processes for your safety.


COVID screening will be done prior to treatment.

Our Services

Our primary focus is to help you to keep your teeth healthy and your smile beautiful for as long as possible without surgery, because we know that our patients are people, first and foremost.

Online Class

FREE ONLINE Dental Assessments

A convenient online dental assessment offered for free. Our way of saying we truly care. 

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Sensitive Teeth 

Gum recession i.e. when gums move away from the necks of the teeth, resulting in sensitivity to cold and sweet. Book now  and let us overcome this pain. 

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Decay causes cavities in your teeth, resulting in toothache. This is usually overcome by tooth-coloured fillings.

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Dental Emergencies

For emergency relief from common dental problems such as  toothaches, dental abscess and swelling; fallen-out filling/s,  pain associated with wisdom teeth, broken or chipped tooth.


Cleaning, Stain Removal and Polishing

Cleaning one's teeth and gums is of utmost importance to one's oral health to boost  confidence and improve lifestyle. Book now for a scale and polish, as well as stain removal (tobacco/cigarette stains).


Diagnostic Examination

We provide a thorough dental examination, also using x-rays to make a diagnosis. A treatment plan is then drawn up and discussed with you.

Fallen Tooths

Kids Dental Examinations

We specialize in the dental treatment of kids. 

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Gum Treatment

Bleeding gums (even when brushing), bad breath, swollen and receding gums are all treated with care.

Why Choose Us

We offer affordable rates


​We treat all ages

We accept most medical aids

We use modern equipment 

We provide a warm, relaxed and safe environment

Child at the Dentist

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Panorama Healthcare Centre, Corner Hennie Winterbach Street & Rothschild Boulevard

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